Why Prawda Group

Prawda = “Truth” in Polish

Bringing TRUTH to the world of technology services for over 15 years.

Technology has given us the opportunity to connect with almost everyone around the world! However, as technology continues to grow, we have seen the disasterous causes when technology isn’t completed or monitored correctly.  As a result, we formed Prawda (“truth” in Polish) Group to provide an opportunity for businesses, schools, and non-profits an option to work with professionals that are focused on YOU and YOUR business opposed to the bottomline.

That’s not the only part of working with Prawda Group!

In order to design, build, implement and deliver technology services, we think it is imperative that we also understand the specific needs, challenges and aspirations for your business, non-profit, or school.

To accomplish this goal, our team takes the time and effort to understand your business from every perspective before we do anything else.  Then, we have a solid foundation of our customers’ journeys and work on developing a model that will deliver an environment capable of getting them there.

This means specifically aligning our services to the way an individual business needs to work in order to be successful in its marketplace. Yes, every business is unique and we’ll make sure that our services match your needs – not try to fit your business into our services.  It also means making sure that IT is leveraged on an ongoing basis, to keep our customers competitive and efficient as they grow.

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