IT Consultants for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

With Prawda Group as your strategic partner for SMB IT Services for your business, you can rest easy knowing we have your business covered no matter where you are!  When your technology is being difficult, we’re here to make sure things are corrected immediately!

Why should you rely on Prawda Group for your SMB IT Services?

• Customized Services and Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all in the world of technology! Prawda Group focuses on making sure we craft the right approach for your technology needs.  Windows verse Apple; cloud-based verse onsite server; Google Suite verse Microsoft Office 365; desktop verse laptop – there are a lot of things to considered.  We are focused on making sure the right approach is the first approach!

• Control IT Expenses

– Want managed services to pay a monthly fee? We can do that!
– Want to pay hourly as you don’t have high IT needs? We can do that!
– Want a person onsite once per week or more? We can do that!
– Want a full time person onsite to avoid paying taxes, insurance and other benefits? We can do that!

No matter what your situation, we can make sure the proper method is used, while making sure you have the right technologies

• Work From Anywhere

We are in a new era – business owners and staff have to have the ability to work from anywhere.  With Office365, Google Suite, VPN/RDP, and private cloud-hosted servers, we can make sure you have the right solution in place to make sure you can continue working no matter where you are!

• We Don’t Resell Hardware

We have seen it before! $500 invoices for $100 pieces of equipment – it makes us roll our eyes each time we encounter this.  As a result, we don’t resell hardware.  We purchase a laptop for $600 – you’re invoice shows $600.  We want to make sure the highest level of service is provided, so we only charge you for our services opposed to nickel and diming you on equipment costs.

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