Education IT Services & Tech Support for Private Schools

With Prawda Group as your strategic partner for Education IT Services for private schools, you can rest easy knowing we have your school covered from “A to Z.”  When your technology is being difficult, we’re here to make sure things are corrected immediately!

Education IT Services and Tech Support For Private Schools Throughout Chicagoland

Private schools are facing many challenges: decreased enrollment, remote learning, more private school choices, and the improvement of public education.

As a result, tuition dollars are down and private schools must often cut back on their services. Though the budget is always at the forefront of many decisions, one area that is important to maintain is the school’s technology effectively and in contraints of your school’s technology budget.

In today’s school environment, students and families expect the highest level of technology solutions, especially in a private school where costs are normally higher than public education. In order to keep families enrolled in your private school, you must do everything possible to set yourself apart from other schools. One asoect is to make sure that your technology offers the ability for all students to excel at their education.

Already have an onsite IT Manager or Technology Teacher? We also offer co-managed Education IT Services!

Many private schools have an in-house IT staff or teacher to handle the school’s technology, but this is often insufficient to deliver the high quality of technology in the Education sector.  One main reason is that technology teachers are in and out of classes teaching students and unable to focus on handling IT issues.

One solution that works for many private schools is our co-managed IT service offering. When you have a team of IT professionals to assist your onsite IT staff, this will help provide the complete support your school needs. With outsourcing part of your IT support, you receive multiple engineers with various levels of expertise.

Prawda Group can effectively develop and implement plans for your students and faculty including:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Surface Tablets
  • Chromebooks
  • iPads
  • Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)

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