Business Development Services

At Prawda Group, we understand that business development is critical aspect of your organization. Whether your business is 2 months or 20 years old, we can assist through numerous avenues with increasing clientele.

What business development services are offered by Prawda Group?

• Strategic Planning

Strategic planning services will provide direction to improve operations, profit, cash flow, and sales. Our consultants will analyze all aspects of your business and build a highly-focused plan to move your business forward. 

• Business Leadership

Our services teach business owners the necessary skill sets to (1) lead and then (2) develop a culture of business leadership. In turn, a strong culture of leadership throughout an organization will provide greater unity and strength that moves a business forward. Employees are the key aspect of any organization, and leadership needs to be the “showcase” to all employees.

• Sales Improvement Planning

Prawda Group’s consultants analyze the effectiveness of your sales and provide solutions to improve their performance.  Key aspects focused on include market positioning, sales training, compensation planning and incentives, CRM system implementation, and team development.

• Lead Generation

In today’s economy, lead generation can be a difficult aspect. Prawda Group has developed a multi-prong approach (telephone, website, social media marketing, pay-per-clicking advertising, etc.) to help develop leads that actually result in buisness growth.

• Business Marketing

Marketing is everything from the product you sell or the service you offer, how you actually sell the product, your company brand, and company culture.  The consultants at Prawda Group will research your business, markets, competitors, and current analytics to determine where. your organization is at currently. We will then develop and execute custom marketing strategies through multiple platforms.

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